Privacy vs Loyalty vs Truth

Being a journalist is almost like being Superman in that you are the one to fight for truth, justice and loyalty. But instead of using heat vision you use a pen or whatever. However, at times truth and loyalty can become each other’s nemesis. As much as in many cases, a journalist would mostly stay loyal to their organization and to their clients, there are times where they are met with a conflict which could affect their career ( we’ve all watched enough drama series to know that that could definitely happen… lol).

Anyways, such times could mean you being in conflict between loyalty to your organization vs public interest. Sometimes, we’ve seen that Superman has his moments of weakness especially when he is exposed to some green stone and sometimes we meet the green stone- corruption and stuff like that-. But unlike Superman, we have the obligation to be transparent expose our moments of weaknesses as we expose that of others.

However, what if you as a journalist is faced with getting a huge paycheck (you can finally get the car you always wanted) versus exposing your own company’s sin. Of course many of you are a humble and will say ‘I shalt not forsake thy audience but I shalt expose the wicked amongst us’. But really think about, what would you do if there is an opportunity for you not to worry about rent for the next 10 years? hmmm…

Well, I personally will just perform my social obligation and expose the truth about the wrong my company has committed because, yes it may tarnish its image but I think that it in itself could enhance and build up my reputation which could probably increase my value, economic wise, and anyways the organization could always rebuild its reputation through Public Relations.

So yeah, just my simple thoughts.What do you think?


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