Ads and Content

I don’t know about you but I find advertising pretty annoying at times. I’m the kind who when I see those ad-pop ups while reading a blog or something like that I automatically click the x button. However, there are times I actually look… you see I’m kind of obsessed with health and nutrition so when I see an ad like ‘ Become fit in 5 days’ I just have to look. So advertising, despite the fact that many people find it annoying, does play an important role in promoting journalism blog.

Advertising works best when it gives a solution to somebody’s needs. Like my desire is that I want to be healthier so when I see an ad that answers to that need I automatically click on it. On top of that it is one of the major ways in which bloggers, newspapers make money. On the other hand, advertising at times could interfere with content credibility.

Advertisement especially on the Net are done in different ways. They could be in form of pop-up ads or in-text ads. They are not bad but could interfere with ones content. In fact, there a lot of questions bloggers, advertising managers of magazines, newspapers should consider when introducing online ads into their sites. They include;

  • will it blur the line between their content and advertising?
  • if the ad is in-text will it confuse readers?
  • will the ad seem out of context in many cases?
  • will it be irritating to their readers?

And the list goes on!

Personally, if I was a blogger ( which I am…lol) or an advertising manager I would probably not go for in-text ads only if the ads are related to my content. This is because I wont want my readers to be irritated every time they pass a word and some ad pops up from no where… I know I would. On top of that, I won’t want the ads (of they are interesting) to pull my readers away from my content.

On the other hand, I don’t mind pop up ads… I mean I still will need to make money one way or the other… so long us they only appear a FEW times on my posts. Or… So that me and my readers can live in total harmony (while I still make money) I can do what I see some bloggers do… display the ads at the footer of my posts.

Anyways, those are my thoughts. What are yours?



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