charity-1299988_1280-3When I think about virtue ethics, I think about the fairy tale books I used to read growing up. These books mainly emphasized on having good character that resulted to happy ever after. Happy ever after in today’s world is peace and stability and of course success in the ventures one undertakes. Isn’t that what virtue ethics is? The theory states that above all else, character matters. In other words, ethical living requires demonstration of virtues such as truthfulness, courage, temperance among others.

Aristotle, the founder of this theory, argued that the way to build a good society is to help it’s members to be good. This is because a good person is also in his deeds good. He went on to give a list of virtues that one should have in order to have a good character. They included- magnificence, liberality, courage among others.

Virtue ethics is great in that it deals with different aspects of a human life like how an individual should interact with others and how one can cultivate inner peace by dealing with the vices that one may possess. On the other hand, one could ask; how can I apply virtue theory when faced with moral dilemmas? As much as the theory gives a general guideline on how to be a good person it assumes that by being good one could automatically make the right decision when faced with a dilemma.Do you think that is so? And of course there’s the argument that virtue is relative to culture.

Tell me what you think.



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